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Ecotours and Walking in the High Country and East Gippsland Regions of Victoria


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Gippsland High Country Tours

  • Really easy, relaxed pace ecotours.
  • Cosy accommodation every night and spend the days exploring with easy walks.
  • Local guides share their love and knowledge of birds, wildflowers, history, wildlife and much more.
  • Perfect for curious nature lovers.
Gippsland High Country Tours

3 Day High Country Huts north of Licola

Graded: Easy-Moderate
Easy-moderate grade walks (up to 4km).   A reasonable level of fitness is required.  Most walks are on minor trails, with uneven, rocky surfaces.
2 nights accommodation
Historic Huts, Alpine environment
Alpine National Park, Licola, Australian Alps National Landscape
Educational discovery level:

Amongst smooth trunked snowgums in the Alpine National Park, discover some the oldest huts in the Snowy Range and Moroka areas north of Licola.  Wayne your guide is passionate about High Country history and pioneer skills used in hut building.  Hear about how and why the huts were built as well as some colourful tales from the local area as only Wayne can tell them.

At the end of each day return to basic but cosy cottage accommodation at Licola and relax over the evening meal swapping stories with your fellow travellers.

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7 Day Croajingolong Coastal Ecotour

Graded: Easy
Walks: Lots of short walks (up to 5 km) at a very relaxed pace.
6 nights accommodation
Focus: Coastal environment, flora & fauna, history
Destinations: Croajingolong National Park, Point Hicks Lighthouse, Mallacoota, Gipsy Point, Thurra River, Wingan Inlet, Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Landscape
Educational discovery level: Moderate

Relax and enjoy Victoria’s east coast on lots of easy walks with spring wildflowers at your feet.  Croajingolong National Park with its magnificent wilderness coastline and forested foothills is a delight for nature lovers. 

Birdwatching is excellent in a variety of habitats, you will enjoy a variety of wildlife experiences and spring wildflower displays are amongst the best. 

Spend 3 nights near Mallacoota and 3 nights at Point Hicks Lighthouse boasting superb ocean views, walks and fascinating history.

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Walking from Waterholes with Gippsland High Country Tours
Walking from Waterholes Guesthouse
4 Day Walking From Waterholes

Graded: Easy-Moderate
Walks: Easy - moderate grade walks (up to 5km) with options to lengthen or shorten walks on some days.  Most walks are on minor trails with uneven surfaces and some include hills.
3 nights accommodation
Focus: Walking History, Nature appreciation.
Destinations: Waterholes Guesthouse, Deptford, Nicholson River
Educational discovery level: Moderate

This is a short break holiday with lots of walking and easy ambles through forest and riverside habitats, all starting as you step out the door of your well appointed guesthouse room.  Switch off and spoil yourself with a little luxury while exploring the Nicholson River valley in the foothills north of Bairnsdale.  Walks vary in length and some can be lengthened or shortened to suit you.
Enjoy first class accommodation and meals at Waterholes Guest House with a focus on lots of leisurely walks to enjoy birds, wildlife and the amazing history of the area.           

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Gabo Island Ecotour with Gippsland High Country Tours 5 Day Gabo Island Discovery Ecotour

Graded: Easy-Moderate
Walks: Easy - Moderate grade walks on minor trails with uneven, surfaces plus untracked walking and some rock scrambling.
4 nights accommodation
Focus: Coastal environment.
Destinations: Gabo Island,Croajingolong National Park, Mallacoota, Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Landscape.
Educational discovery level: Moderate

Escape to an island getaway off the far east coast of Victoria.  Seen from Mallacoota the low profile of the island is broken only by its lighthouse tower standing proud and tall. This fascinating island is only small, but offers lots of wonderful secrets for curious nature lovers. 

We will be exploring on foot, so although there are not steep hills, you need to be reasonably fit.  Birds and wildlife, a rich human history and time for solitude make this a refreshing and educational short holiday break.         

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5 Day Birds of the Snowy River

Graded: Easy
Walks: Lots of short walks at birdwatching pace, some uneven ground and gentle hills.
4 nights accommodation
Focus: Birdwatching
Destinations: Snowy River National Park, Buchan, McKillops Bridge, Deddick
Educational discovery level: Moderate / High

This is a dedicated birdwatching trip to introduce you to the rich birdlife of the Snowy River Valley.  The scenery is superb and the birdwatching is rewarding both in the dry rainshadow woodland of the Snowy River Valley as well as other interesting sites we visit. 

Fully accommodated in comfortable cottage accommodation, enjoy days filled with observing birds going about their daily activities and discover life in a remote corner of Victoria.

A bird list from previous trips is available.

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8 Day Birds of Hattah Kulkyne & Murray Sunset

Graded: Moderate
Theme: Birds & Birdwatching
Educational discovery level: Moderate / High
7 nights accommodation

This is a dedicated birdwatching trip to introduce you to the very rewarding birdwatching of the mallee environment. Proximity to the Murray River also adds waterbirds to the variety of birdlife.

You don’t have to be an experienced birdwatcher, enthusiastic novices are most welcome and it is a great way to gain experience and learn more about birds and birdwatching. We will take our time and enjoy watching the birds, not just ticking off lists. 

Small group of 4 or less. 

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Gippsland High Country Tours
Mountain views, Alpine National Park

Gippsland High Country Tours
Alpine Wildflowers at their best in January

Gippsland high Country Tours

Gippsland High Country Tours
Snowgum trunk   

5 Day Alpine Discovery Tour

Fully accommodated.
Touring with lots of short easy nature walks & wildflower rambles.

Summer in Victoria's magnificent Alpine National Park brings a profusion of wildflowers to the highest mountain peaks.

Other features include stunning mountain views, sub-alpine meadows, impressive peaks and lots of time to wander beneath sculptured snowgums and absorb the Alpine splendour.

You will have an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the Koori (aboriginal) people of East Gippsland.

Hear stories of cattle droving at Dargo and the Mountain Cattlemen’s long association with the High Country. Learn too of the reasons why cattle grazing is no longer permitted in the Alpine National Park.  These mountains have a very fragile alpine ecology and your guide will introduce you to some of the issues that our mountains face now and into the future.
Enjoy country hospitality at its best with an interesting variety of motel, hotel, and lodge accommodation.

We travel through some parts of the Alpine National Park burnt in the past decade, but the scars are healing fast, the new growth is astounding and wildflowers are prolific.

This leisurely and comprehensive tour includes plenty of hands on time away from the vehicle with lots of short guided nature walks and wildflower rambles. (January is peak month for wildflowers)

Press Release: The Australian Alps has just been included on the National Heritage List recognising the outstanding natural, indigenous and historic values of this iconic landscape.


January 11, 2016

5 Days ex. Bairnsdale  $POA
5 Days ex. Melbourne  $POA

Photos and comments

Stories and poems




6 Day Snowy River & Errinundra Explorer Tour

Fully accommodated.
Touring with lots of short easy nature walks.

The magnificent Snowy River National Park boasts some of Victoria's most breathtaking scenery - waterfalls, vast rugged gorges and endless mountain views.  Sit on the banks of the legendary Snowy River, surrounded by steep mountain sides clad in native cypress pines.  Admire the water sculptured rocks.  Maybe you will be tempted to have a dip?

Listen to the silence and smell the fresh bush scents.  Walk quietly across McKillops Bridge and hear the story of its construction.

In contrast, traveling through Errinundra National Park, you will feel dwarfed by the immense trees of the old-growth eucalypt forests and enjoy an easy boardwalk through ancient cool-temperate rainforest with ferns and moss festooned logs.
High on the Errinundra Plateau, the treetops are often shrouded in mountain mist, creating an atmosphere of its own.

Featuring really easy walks, this is a relaxed pace tour with ample time to enjoy the tranquility of your natural surroundings. Combine remote and rugged beauty with the home comforts of cabin accommodation and great country hospitality.

Your guide will help you understand the way plants and animals interact and survive in these two very different environments.  You will not just return home refreshed and relaxed, but with new knowledge and a better understanding of the natural world.

October/November departures feature wildflowers and the Gippsland Waratah in bloom.

November, 2016
6 Days ex. Bairnsdale  $POA
6 Days ex. Melbourne  $POA

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Gippsland High Country Tours

Gippsland High Country Tours

Gippsland High Country Tours

4 Day Cape Conran Explorer Ecotour
Graded: EASY

Fully accommodated – plenty of easy walks and nature rambles

Cape Conran Coastal Park is one of East Gippsland’s magnificent natural places, long clean beaches, amazing estuaries and a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Maria will be your local guide and at Cape Conran, she is keen to share with you some of her favourite places. She will lead you on lots of easy walks along the coast itself or through the coastal vegetation making use of a great network of tracks and boardwalk.

Salmon Rocks are a favourite with photographers and a great place to stroll along the beach.  The Yeerung Gorge is a surprising feature and a short walk takes you to see the deep dark pools fed by the Yeerung River.

The Gunai Kurnai people have a long history of connection with this land and you will learn something of their past occupation of this part of the coast and what makes it special to Gunai Kurnai people of today.

Birdwatchers will find the birdwatching rewarding, not just beach and sea birds, but the birds of the heathland and foothill forests and those who are found along the rivers and estuaries.

After the sun goes down, the nocturnal wildlife come out and one evening Maria will lead you on an evening spotlight walk to introduce you to some of these nocturnal residents.  Since the comprehensive “Southern Ark” fox control program has been in progress, fox numbers have decreased and numbers of small mammals have increased. It is not unusual to see Long-nosed Bandicoots and Long-nosed Potoroos in the vicinity of the cabins.

You will be based in cabin accommodation for all 3 nights, which is basic but a good alternative to camping.

March 18, 2016
4 Days ex. Bairnsdale $1830
4 Days ex. Melbourne $1950

Saw Banksia
Saw Banksia (photo A Llewellyn)

Yeerung River

Pied Oystercatchers

Nautillius shell

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