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What does this mean?



  • Guided walking holidays where you get close to nature but always carry only a day pack.
  • From moderate walks through to challenging full day walks.
  • The pace is always leisurely to truly experience the varied environments and soak up the atmosphere of the bush
  • Whether you call it bushwalking, tramping, hiking or trekking this is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in nature and walk off the stresses of everyday life

Alpine Walking  on  a Walking Eco Tour with Gippsland High Country Tours
Image courtesy J. Bray
5 Day Alpine Walking in Autumn

Graded: Moderate
Walks: Moderate grade walks on minor trails with uneven, rocky or grassy surfaces. Includes hills and short steep sections.
4 nights accommodation
Focus: Mountain walking, alpine environment.
Destinations: Alpine National Park, Dinner Plain, Mt Hotham, Australian Alps National Landscape
Educational discovery level: Moderate

Imagine walking across the roof of Victoria, experiencing superb scenery as you gaze across mountain ranges into the blue haze.  This is a classic lodge accommodated walking tour in the Alpine National Park with a lovely variety of guided walks every day.  There will be majestic sculptured snowgums, soft snowgrass and rocky alpine ridges. Your local guide will share a great love and knowledge of the mountain to complete your ecotour holiday. Accommodation every night is in a comfortable lodge at Dinner Plain village.       

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7 Day Walking Croajingolong

Graded: Moderate
Walks: Lots of moderate grade walks including half and full days of walking.   A reasonable level of fitness is required.  Some walks on minor sandy, uneven or rocky tracks with hills.
6 nights accommodation
Focus: Coastal Bushwalking
Destinations: Croajingolong National Park, Pt Hicks, Wingan Inlet, Mallacoota, Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Landscape.
Educational discovery level: Moderate

Imagine a walking holiday exploring the coastal wilderness in Victoria’s far east on lots of moderate grade guided walks. Croajingolong National Park is one of Victoria’s best kept secrets.  Your experience will be enriched by the local knowledge generously shared by your guide as you learn about the wildlife, discover wildflowers and hear stories of local history. 

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Walking from Waterholes with Gippsland High Country Tours
Walking from Waterholes Guesthouse
4 Day Walking From Waterholes

Graded: Easy-Moderate
Walks: Easy - moderate grade walks (up to 5km) with options to lengthen or shorten walks on some days.  Most walks are on minor trails with uneven surfaces and some include hills.
3 nights accommodation
Focus: Walking History, Nature appreciation.
Destinations: Waterholes Guesthouse, Deptford, Nicholson River
Educational discovery level: Moderate

This is a short break holiday with lots of walking and easy ambles through forest and riverside habitats, all starting as you step out the door of your well appointed guesthouse room.  Switch off and spoil yourself with a little luxury while exploring the Nicholson River valley in the foothills north of Bairnsdale.  Walks vary in length and some can be lengthened or shortened to suit you.
Enjoy first class accommodation and meals at Waterholes Guest House with a focus on lots of leisurely walks to enjoy birds, wildlife and the amazing history of the area.           

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5 Day Mt. Feathertop Adventure

4 nights accommodation.
Moderate-challenging walks
A classic lodge accommodated alpine walking tour.

Walking on the roof of Victoria with a lovely balance of short and half day walks, although the highlight is a challenging full day walk to Victoria's second highest peak, Mt. Feathertop (1922m).

Wander across grassy alpine plains enjoying the balmy autumn weather.
Watch for late autumn wildflowers at your feet and admire the stately snowgums, sculptured by the wind. From lofty peaks, gaze across a sea of mountains and pause to soak up the peace and solitude.

The superb ridge-top walk along The Razorback ridge to the summit of Mt. Feathertop and return is tackled as a long day walk (22km), so you do need to be fit. This is Alpine National Park walking at its best.

Carry only a light day pack on each of the bushwalks as our overnight accommodation is in a cosy ski lodge at Dinner Plain Village.  Enjoy the company of a small group of like minded walkers (maximum 11 participants) and share the challenges and the joys that the mountains provide.

Add you guide’s local knowledge and enthusiasm for nature, some interesting local history especially around Omeo and you have a really memorable walking holiday.

March 1, 2016

5 Days ex. Bairnsdale $2540
5 Days ex. Melbourne $2660


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Press Release: The Australian Alps has just been included on the National Heritage List recognising the outstanding natural, indigenous and historic values of this iconic landscape.




5 Day Walking Errinundra Plateau

4 nights accommodation.  
Lots of Moderate walks

An exciting new walking tour to explore Errinundra Plateau during spring while Waratahs are in bloom.  Spring brings a wonderful display of wildflowers, however most like the Gippsland Waratah are found on shrubs and trees rather than as small ground covers.

Walk along soft leafy tracks through tall old growth forests of immense eucalypts, sometimes shrouded in mountain mists.  Other walks through ferny rainforest allow you to discover an ancient type of forest where flowering plants are few, but you will find a delightful array of ferns, moss festooned logs and tiny fungi.

Learn how all the small things in the forest are important and why ecosystems like this make a vital contribution to biodiversity. High on the Errinundra Plateau many rivers begin their journey to the sea assisted by a high rainfall.

Experience a part of East Gippsland off the beaten tourist trail with a local guide keen to share a great love and knowledge of this mountain environment. 

Hear about the struggles to protect these precious forests, both historically and even now how environmental groups are campaigning to save old growth forest outside Errinundra National Park from logging.

Your days will be filled with a lovely combination of walks varying from shorter walks with lots of time to look up close at these very special forests to walks 2-4 hours in duration taking in the beauty and atmosphere of this remote and special part of East Gippsland.

The pace will be leisurely with lots of time to stop and discuss many aspects of this magnificent and diverse environment.  At the end of each day return to cosy accommodation for a hearty meal and to rest and rejuvenate ready for the next days walking.

April, 2016
5 Days ex. Bairnsdale $2330
5 Days ex. Melbourne $2450

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Small organisms contribute to forest biodiversity

mt tingaringy
Walks through Errinundra’s old growth forests

Walking beneath rainforest trees

Spring growth on treeferns

4 Day Tali Karng Explorer Bushwalk

Graded: Moderate-Challenging
Walks: Long day walks, some steep descents and ascents
3 nights vehicle-based camping
Focus: Sub-alpine Bushwalking
Destinations: Tali Karng, Alpine National Park
Educational discovery level: Moderate

Discover Tali Karng, the hidden lake on this small group walking tour.  Enjoy energetic full day walks from a vehicle based camp with a local guide to share stories of the mysteries and history of Tali Karng. 

You will walk through wonderful sub-alpine scenery, enjoy views, summer wildflowers and some quality time at Tali Karng to explore, swim or just absorb the atmosphere of this special lake.

More information including dates and prices >>>

5 Day Eastern Peaks Walk

4 nights camping
Moderate - moderately challenging walks.

Experience the magic of the High Country. Gaze across at mountainous wilderness, discover wildlife, dramatic landforms and hear of a rich history.

The Alpine National Park features picturesque sub-alpine snowgum woodlands, open plains and meadows that support a wonderful array of wildflowers in late spring and early summer.

Experience this remote rugged beauty on a number of day walks from a base camp on a sub-alpine plain, complete with bubbling mountain stream. Wander along tracks lined with picturesque snowgums, admire the spring wildflowers and keep watch for signs of wildlife. Some walks are quite energetic, but you always carry a daypack only

The highlight is a full day walk to ascend Mt. Cobberas No 1 at 1838m. Here amongst twisted windswept snowgums, you will enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery and experience solitude and remoteness within the Cobberas Wilderness Area.

March, 2017
5 Days ex. Bairnsdale  $POA
5 Days ex. Melbourne  $POA

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5 Day Walk Mt Howitt & Tali Karng
Graded Moderate/Challenging

4 nights camping
Moderate-Challenging walks

A walking tour to enjoy the ambience of the high country in balmy springtime weather.  Good, long energetic day walks take you to the top of Mt Howitt, then to descend between the folds of mountains to discover Tali Karng, the hidden lake. 

In addition there are some shorter walks discovering, waterfalls at Bryces Gorge and Moroka Gorge, open grassy plains and The Pinnacles fire lookout tower.  Add some great company and the local knowledge of your guide to complete a rewarding walking ecotour experience. 

No big packs to carry, all camps are vehicle-based, but you need to be fit to enjoy challenging day walks.

March, 2017

5 Days ex. Bairnsdale $POA
5 Days ex. Melbourne $POA


Pieman Falls

Snowgum (photo: Diana Cross)


Howitt Road

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